Leds Flat 25/40 Beam Angle,LEDS Angle
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Leds Flat 25/40 Beam Angle

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Leds Flat 25 Beam Angle

Leds Flat 40 Beam Angle

1. Who will pay for customs duty?

It is buyer who should pay customs duty.
2, LED Lighting use of the plug and voltage, is consistent with the normal use of my country standards?

Yes, we will be in accordance with the standards of electrical appliances in your country, to send you to meet the requirements of the plug, EU Plug, US plug, AU plug, UK Plug and so on.
3, What if I'm dissatisfied with the product?

So sorry to hear that. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your product. If you're unhappy with it, please contact our Customer Service who will be glad to help.

When contacting Customer Service Team, please give your order number, a short description and a photo of the problem, so we can prevent these problems in the future.
4. What do you declare goods to customs?

We declare it LED Lighting with lower price to help you pay less tax by default.

5. May I get repair warranty?

We have one-year warranty in China, if you do not take the LED Lighting APART.

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